Certain words are different genders in French and Italian

There are 2 grammatical genders in French and Italian, viz. masculine and feminine. While Latin, the language from which they were derived, had 3 grammatical genders, viz. masculine, feminine, and neuter, the neuter gender became merged over time with the other 2 grammatical genders.

Through centuries of history, certain cognates have different genders in French and Italian.

Example 1

French art (masculine)

Italian arte (feminine)

English art

Example 2

French fleur (feminine)

Italian fiore (masculine)

English flower

Example 3

French planète (feminine)

Italian pianeta (masculine)

English planet

Example 4

French dent (feminine)

Italian dente (masculine)

English tooth

Example 5

French mer (feminine)

Italian mare (masculine)

English sea

Example 6

French vidéo (feminine)

Italian video (masculine)

English video

Do you know any other French-Italian pairs like these?